FULBRIGHT Seven Steps to Fulbright

By | December 16, 2011

 In 2008 I was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study at Vanderbilt University. In “Seven steps to Fulbright,” I recall the application process, some of my impressions, and my feelings about being a Fulbright scholar. Being a Fulbrighter means posing the questions: Who am I, what can I do to realize my potential, and how can I contribute to the lives of others? The article provides  a testimonial for Fulbright Commission Romania:

Man in the Mirror: if there is one thing that I would say about the Fulbright selection process…it is mostly about attitude. After the initial selection, I had an interview. Diana Constantinescu wanted to be there for me and we arrived just 2 minutes before the scheduled time. It was only nine in the morning when the commission kindly asked whether I was nervous about being the first interviewee. I responded that actually I had been looking forward to talking to them for a long time. Then I started discussing non-formal education, multidisciplinarity etc. For me it was a discussion; I didn’t even feel like it was an interview. Afterwords, I went out for a tea with Diana, and I had the feeling that (ful)bright days were dawning.

When the red carpet meets red tape: after I was selected as a finalist, I had to go through a long administrative process that took almost a year: TOEFL, GRE, school selection and admission, visa, plane ticket and all the travel preparation included. Read

more: http://www.fulbright.ro/testimonials/369-cristiana-grigore-seven-stepts-to-fulbright.html#content