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The New York Times Bringing Out the Gypsy in Me

Shortly after my return to Vanderbilt in the fall of 2010, France decided to clear the camps inhabited by Roma people. They were deported to Romania and Bulgaria, the countries of their origins. In the ensuing scandal, the news was widely covered by international media. The conversations among my classmates and around campus were more heated… Read More »

BALLET I took my kid to ballet

I grew up in a simple family with parents who supported my education and encouraged me to be open-minded. However, they were busy making a living and did not have a chance to satisfy my need for sports and artistic activities. Years passed and, as a young adult, I almost fell into the trap of believing that ballet, a dance that I so much admired,… Read More »

CNN Plight of the Roma

In the summer of 2010, CNN interviewed me about being a Romani Fulbright student who had received a good education and who was striving to belong to society. Being part of their program, “Plight of the Roma,” and visiting isolated communities with Roma people who lacked education and decent living conditions was an eye-opening experience… Read More »